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Ji�� Danihelka danihel at PALAVA.CZ
Tue Apr 11 16:37:10 CDT 2000

Dear taxacomers,

for producing ditribution maps, I and my colleagues from the Department of
Systematic Botany and Geobotany (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic -
http://www.sci.muni.cz/botany/index.html) use DMAP for Windows 7.0 written
by Dr. Alan Morton.

We are very satisfied with the results (superior quality of maps,
availability of different map features...). With no special course, I was
able to produce the first map in about one hour after having installed the
program on the PC. It is also possible do digitize additional map features
such as precipitation and temperature maps etc. Dr. L. Tichy from our
institute wrote a program producing import files for DMAP from the dabatase
stored in TURBOVEG which is a software used the European vegetation survey

For more information see http://www.dmap.co.uk/.

Jiri Danihelka

Administration of the Biosphere Reserve Palava
Namesti 32
692 01 Mikulov
Czech Republic
tel. 0625-510585
Our homepage: http://www.ihost.cz/CHKO

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