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Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Tue Apr 11 07:39:11 CDT 2000

At 08:58 AM 00.04.11 -0500, Aysha Prather wrote:
>We would like to know what software people recommend for producing
>distribution maps.

I've tried various solutions, and the one I like best is using a GIS
(Geographic Information Systems) program. I use ArcView from www.esri.com.
There are standard file formats that most GIS programs can read and write,
and an abundance of free maps and data are available from public agencies
in many countries.

Unfortunately the most recent ArcView for Mac is a full version older than
the Windows/Unix versions. It is also not an easy program, but there is a
book _Getting to know ArcView_ that comes with a (Windows) CD that makes
the learning process much easier.

ArcView is also pricey, but the geography dept at UMN may already have a
site license.

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