distribution maps

Dave Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Tue Apr 11 14:13:59 CDT 2000

You might try Versamap:


It is Windows shareware, $20 US.  You can use your own maps or get detailed
maps.  Not necessarily as easy as most Macintosh programs, but it is good.

>We would like to know what software people recommend for producing
>distribution maps. The features we are most interested in are:
>--availability of maps (i.e. are all world regions mapped and on what scale?)
>--map quality (how good does the map look when printed out?)
>--map features (e.g. political boundaries, relief, rivers and streams)
>--ease of use (can a Mac user produce a distribution map without taking a
>special course?)
>--(and maybe this relates to ease of use) integration with other
>applications (e.g. Biota)


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