Behavior and phylogeny

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    Book entitled "Phylogenies and the Comparative Method in Animal
Behavior" (E.P. Martins, 1996)
    Book entitled "Development and Evolution of Behavior" (Aronson, 1970)
    Book entitled "Fruit Flies: Phylogeny and Evolution of Behavior" (Aluja,
    Paper entitled "Behavioral homology and phylogeny" (Annual Review of
Ecology and Systematics, 23:361-381).
    Book about sand wasps (by Howard Evans, 1966)
    Pupative behavior in Trichoptera (Cladistics 8:181-185).
    Papers on web-building in spiders (Coddington, ????) and presumably
papers on reproductive behavior as well (try Journal of Arachnology).
    Various papers on other arthropods (crickets, thrips, bees, mites, ants,
    Presumably papers on vertebrate groups as well (birds of paradise,
primates, etc.).  Perhaps some listed in the Martins book listed above.
                           ------Ken Kinman
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>Subject: Behavior and phylogeny
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>I am looking for references on the use of behavioral characters in
>phylogenies (theoretical and practical), unfortunately I found only a few!
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