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Richard Moe rlmoe at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Apr 12 17:00:50 CDT 2000

Dear friends:
The website of the University and Jepson
herbaria at the University of California, Berkeley
has been reorganized and expanded with several pages
that may be of interest to readers of TAXACOM.

Type specimen data for ferns (compiled by Alan Smith)
and fungi and lichens (compiled by Isabelle Tavares, Michelle Seidl
and Tom Tang) are now on-line.

A new interface to the SMASCH database of California specimens
allows queries by name, collector, and collecting date.
County distribution maps can be displayed and comparisons among
distributions of several taxa at once can be plotted.

Checklists and bioregional distribution maps of species covered in
The Jepson Manual are available.

Richard Moe

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