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Subject:      Re: distribution maps - free and easy

Hi Jim,

I've just tried experimenting with this a bit. Looks like the limit occurs
when the URL reaches a length of a bit under 2000 characters. Perhaps
coincidentally, IE 5.5 (beta) does not allow a URL with length greater than
2K to be entered, although Netscape 4.7 does not complain. I'm not aware of
any limitation on total length of a URL in the HTTP standard, but perhaps
there is one in the fine print somewhere. If a limit on URL length does
pertain, I don't see any workaround, short of plotting sets of points
separately (always at the same scale, of course), then merging the
resulting images together with Photoshop or equivalent.

At 09:04 13/04/2000 +1000, you wrote:
>Has anyone tried pushing this to the limit?  Once you get to more than a
>few hundred localities to be plotted and a URL over 10 lines or so, the
>system gags... the situation is the same whether the URL is part of an
>HTML file or cut and pasted into the browser URL window...
>I have not run this one to ground yet but suspect it is a limitation of
>the browser software rather than the Xerox map server.  Browsers like
>NN and IE can handle huge incoming URLs but seem to have a limit on the
>length of the URL they can send.  Does anyone know what the effective
>limit might be?
>If anyone have hit this barrier and come up with an effective work
>around, I would be grateful in hearing about it.
>The Xerox map server is a great and cheap (ie. free) way to deliver your
>point locality to the web with a bit more interactivity than a fixed map
>image.  It is already being used very effectively by a number of projects
>such as the Flora Mesoamericana and the Flora of Madagascar, etc.
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