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Paul Schreilechner Paul.Schreilechner at BIOGIS.AT
Thu Apr 13 16:41:17 CDT 2000

Some of the former statements recommended to use ArcView-GIS for creating
distribution maps. We agree and in addition we recommend BioMapper-Extension
for ArcView.

BioMapper - Extension is a special tool for creating distribution maps and
analysing distribution data. BioMapper connects ArcView to
MS-Access-databases and provides an interface for easy selecting objects (by
species, family or any field in your distribution data), digitizing sites
and save the coordinates in your database, calculating basic biodiversity

At the beginning BioMapper was developed as a collection of Avenue scripts
for biological projects at the University of Salzburg (Departments of
zoology and botany). In a next step we adjusted and extended the tool to
match a broader range of biological projects and disciplines. In the
meantime the BioMapper-Extension is used by several institutes, non profit
organisations and companies in Austria an Germany (e.g. Universities of
Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Munich; Birdlife; Natural history Museums:
Innsbruck, Dornbirn); consulting firms for landscape ecology, ...).
Currently we are in the stage of finalising version BioMapper 2.0. The beta
test program is going to start in about 2 weeks. Anyone who is interested in
participating in the test program should contact us per email. An English
version should be available shortly.

Some of the basic functions are:

- Creating distribution maps (points, lines and polygons)
- Creating point raster maps
- Digitizing sites and saving the coordinates in your database
- Creating event themes (Dynamically connected to your database). Newly
added objects and sites are represented in ArcView automatically. Each time
you open the project you get the current available dataset.
- Creating sites in your database from an ArcView theme
- Copy and transfer attribute information to your database
- Change map projection of  coordinate values in your database
- Calculating biodiversity of biological objects (species, families or taxa
of any rank) or numerical variables per polygon (count, minimum, maximum,
- Creating chart legends (bar, pies) and graduated symbol legends

If you need further information and want to see some screenshots, please
visit our web site at:

http://www.biogis.at or contact us per email: paul.schreilechner at biogis.at
or wolfgang.daemon at biogis.at

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