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I have taught many workshops and a few classes on Grass Systematics and
although I
have a bunch of pages made for them, they are very regionally specific.
"How to know the Grasses" is very good for intro ID classes, "Agnes
Chase's First
Book of Grasses" (recently revised by Lynn Clark) is in print and better
people who want to know more than just identification.  I'll be putting
up a Grass
ID Workshop site eventually but it is on the back burner for now.

Some sites that may help

The Grass Phylogeny Working Group Site
(and the links therein like the DELTA site & Grasses of the New World

and also my Interactive key to most of the Grasses of Florida at

and Derek Clayton massive database that can be downloaded from thwe Kew


John Nelson wrote:

> WED 12 Apr 247pm
> Dear Friends:
>         Our Department will be offering a new course in the fall
(2000) called
> "Taxonomy of the Grasses (Poaceae)", designed for undergraduates and
> graduate students, and worth 3 hrs of college credit.
>         Does anyone out there have ideas/suggestions for a course
outline or
> syllabus? I expect that we will be making heavy use of pressed (and
> fresh) material for keying grasses to tribes, genera, & species.
> suggestions for textbooks?
>         Any contributions will be much appreciated-- and perhaps
>         Thanks JOHN
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