Origin of terms eukaryotic and prokaryotic

B. J. Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
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Dear Dave,
The information I have is second hand, but it would appear to be attributed
to E.Chatton. The reference I have found, but neither read, nor checked is:
E.Chatton (1938) Titres et Travoux Scientifiques (1906-1937) de Edouard
Chatton (E.Sottano Sete, France) This is a copied from another paper and I
apologise to any of our French colleagues if spelling is wrong or accents
are missing. I have not found the work listed in libraries in Germany,
COPAC (UK), or Library of Congress.
The system of prokaryote-eukaryote ran/runs parallel with the system which
Haeckel (1866) initiated > animal-plant-protist, which was extended to
encompass animal-plant-protist-bacteria-fungi. In my rather worn 1970
edition of "General Microbiology" by R.Y.Stanier, M.Doudoroff and
E.A.Adelberg there is reference to "eukaryotic protists" and "prokaryotic
protists" - the former including algae, fungi, protozoa, the latter the
I think this is correct, but I am only making reference to what others have
written, so I may not be 100% correct. I do not know where you would find
such information on the web, since we seem to spend more time discussing
whether the Archaea are closer to animals/plants, rather than "accepted"
concepts such as eukaryote-prokaryote. Perhaps Ken Kinman can add something.

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>Subject:      Origin of terms eukaryotic and prokaryotic
>Does anyone know who coined the terms eukaryotic and prokaryotic and when it
>happened? Any Web references?
>Dave Williams
>profdhw at aol.com

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