Things my students wrote for me, #1

Robin Leech robinl at CONNECT.AB.CA
Sun Apr 23 21:46:50 CDT 2000

I have been collecting statements my students wrote for me since 1984.  These statements have come in reports for lab experiments, in papers on researched topics, etc.  I do not recall what triggered me to start this, but once I did, it became fun.  When a student writes a statement that catches my attention, I circle the sentence and write, "You made my book".  For some, I will add comments to give the perspective of the student.  The obvious ones I will not comment on.

Here are the first three:

I was the first one to see the Balled Eagle.

Breathing near flame can cause heat loss.

    (students were measuring the amount of heat generated by a burning     nut, and breathing on the flame causes the flame's heat to be lost for     experimental purposes)

One source of error was the flame dancing around by people walking by.

    (as other students walked by the experiment, the passersby caused     the flame to "dance" and heat loss for the experiment)

Robin Leech

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