instant publication

Tue Apr 25 17:58:10 CDT 2000

I'm only mildly concerned about the frivolous synonyms that can be published
by this means.  Abuse will occur in any form and it's something we live
with.  What worries me more is trying to keep track of the names.  When I
need to find out whether there is an existing name (and/or a type specimen)
for a taxon, how can I find all the self-published electronic "books"?  It's
hard enough to keep track of names that appear in trade journals and amateur
magazines.  At least there are only a finite number of those.  But if
everyone self-publishes their own names in separate e-publications, how will
we know we've found all the pertinent ones?  What a nightmare for something
like a revision of a genus/family!


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