On demand printing, a nomenclatural problem for botany

Jose H. Leal jleal at GATE.NET
Wed Apr 26 10:09:11 CDT 2000

I share many of the concerns related to the non-permanence and planned
obsolence of eletronic media, , etc., particularly in relation to the
cumulative character of taxonomic works (in contrast to the more ephemeral
nature of biomedical, technological, etc., stuff). Nonetheless, the fourth
edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999,
effective from 1 January 2000), somewhat too briefly, rules (Article 8.8.6)
that "For a work produced after 1999 by a method other than printing on
paper to be accepted as published within the meaning of the Code, it must
contain a statement that copies (in the form in which it is published) have
been deposited in at least 5 major publicly accessible libraries libraries
which are identified by name in the work itself". On the other hand,
peer-review, on paper publications or otherwise, was never a requirement
from the standpoint of ICZN.

At 08:41 AM 4/26/00 -0400, Robert Fogel  wrote:
>On demand printing is coming, but will not alter effective publication. All
>one has to do is print say 25 copies and distribute them to major
>herbaria/libraries. Some of our colleagues are doing this with Kinko's (a
>nation-wide copying/printing company).
>Robert Fogel

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