on demand publishing etc

Luis Diego Gomez ldgomez at HORTUS.OTS.AC.CR
Wed Apr 26 10:15:57 CDT 2000

There is sufficient jurisprudence, particularly for older names, that help
define the "principle of priority" for published names of taxa.

To safeguard that principle, the editor of a journal or publisher of a
book, must be able to authenticate not so much tha date on which the
publication was made available to the public BUT the date when the author
of a name submitted typescript to be published.

That is the reason many journals include that information of when received,
when reviewed and when accepted. For priority date of receipt is the one
that counts.

If we are talking about the end product of this publication on demnd or
instant book/article, the date that will have any impact on priority (and
ensuing taxonomical aspects) would have to be the date the first copy was
issued. A post office official would suffice to stamp on it the "official
date". Subsequent copies, issued on demand at different time lapses will be
considered as validly published on that first day issue.

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