On demand printing: Take or you`re out!

B. J. Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Thu Apr 27 08:47:49 CDT 2000

Christian Thompson wrote:
>However, the consensus
>reading of the community reaction to that draft which included registration,
>etc., was that it is highly unlikely that  ideas like mandatory
>"peer-review," "registration of names," etc., will ever be in the ICZN.
>Simply put, many zoologists want to retain the freedom to publish what ever
>they think is science, in what ever "journal" they like (or create), which
>may or may not be widely disseminated, etc. As for registration, the
>argument was because the Zoological Record does such a poor job now in
>indexing the "zoological literature," it is unthinkable to make it a
>requirement that zoologists take the responsibility for seeing that the ZR
>index their work if it isn't already being index, etc. I for one never
>understood why some zoologists want to publish new taxa, but don't want
>their colleagues to know that they have done so! Oh, well ...
We already have so many journals that it is impossible to keep track of
everything. If the potential of on demand printing makes it possible to
increase the number of journals then we have a problem keeping track of
names. I already use botanical and zoological resources to make sure that
any new taxa which I propose in bacteriology are not already in use under
the other two codes. However, if they are not up-to-date then this makes my
life difficult. In contrast all names in bacteriology which are recognised
under the Bacteriological Code can be found on several servers. While there
may be some errors, the database is constantly updated based on the
principle of "valid publication" (=registration) which we use. I expect I
have trod on a few toes......

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