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Dear Mary,

In the following article we described the case where a society ceased to
exist in 1804, the last issue of its journal, Skr. Naturhist.-Selsk. 6, was
printed in 1810, and probably not fully distributed until 1818. How's that
for speed?

Veldkamp, J.F., R. van Donkelaar & R.D. Kloppenburg. 1995. The identity of
Sperlingia Vahl (Asclepiadaceae). Blumea 40: 425--428; reprinted in
Fraterna, 1st Quart. 1996: 3--5.


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>I would add to Pieter's comment that it would be helpful if journals would
>specify the date when an issue was actually made available.  I had written
>actually printed, but I recently became aware of a journal that was
>printed one year after the date that appears on the front cover and, from
>what I was told, not sent out for another 6 months.  I do not have hard
>information about the latter situation. The distribution aspect could have
>been a problem with a country's mail service or the receiving institution,
>but there are a distressingly large number of journals that are printed
>after the date on their cover.  Whether the problem lies with the journal
>editors or printer is immaterial, it creates a messy situation. There is
>probably little that can be done about it, but it would be nice if
>societies that like to publish taxonomic papers would consider voluntarily
>adopting a policy of stating the actual date of printing on the cover.
>Mary Barkworth
>I would like to modify Brian's point (c) as the need for the publisher to
>specify unambiguously the edition or version used to produce a batch of
>books, as well as the need for subsequent authors to unambiguously cite
>the specific edition or version. Perhaps a unique identifier per print run
>such as a batch number may even have to be specified. This implies that
>any subsequent, even minor corrections will probably strictly have to be
>identified as, and cited as, a next edition of the publication.
>I am sure publishers do realise, and cater for these sorts of
>implications, but it may be wise for taxonomists to liase closer with them
>on such points.
>Pieter J.D. Winter
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