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Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Thu Apr 27 14:01:31 CDT 2000

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Doug Yanega wrote:

> I can't keep quiet on this point any longer. Please, gentlemen, PLEASE
> think about the things you re comparing here. How many people, among the
> regular population, had heaps of punch cards in their houses that they had
> paid good money for, and that they used to educate and entertain themselves
> and their families??? If every person's prized collection of Beatles albums
> was on punch cards, would they have sat quietly and let punch cards go
> obsolete? Everything is dependent on DEMAND.

Gee, I wasn't aware that *DEMAND* was the driving force behind the
mandated change from analog to digital TV signals.  If it were, then I bet
the analog signals would continue to be used.  But no, I am either going
to have to junk my current television sets, which are perfectly usable and
have a long anticipated usable life, and either get a new digital set or a
device that can convert the digital signal back into an analog format.

How about this - we *DEMAND* that a set of paperbound copies of books and
journals be made available to those who wish to purchase them.  If
print-on-demand is really going to develop the way it has been described,
then these copies will be quite inexpensive.  I know that as many journals
contemplate going online, they are planning to continue hardcopy
production as well.  The "subscriber" will be able to access the online
version and have the option of also receiving a hardcopy version.  A
library will receive the hardcopy and also be able to provide online
access to all library users.  This plan provides the immediacy of
online access, reduces the number of hardcopies produced (at no
appreciable difference in subscription rates), and allows archiving of
hardcopies that will satisfy the need for a permanent record of the
original publication.


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