Future of CDROM, DVD, etc.

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Fri Apr 28 07:26:18 CDT 2000

ya know - kids, we beat this very same  train of thought (dead horse) to a
frazzel about a year ago over on entomo-l,   and it was aall eletronic
publication. a large number of you folks (including me) subscribe to that
also. any of you remember the outcome???  how f ast the eletronic enything
is gone.  there is a group of insects (a whole order in fact) that sum the
situation up in their name. can you guess what it is?

a free doughnut at the townhouse cafe in downtown greater old oviedo, to
the first 50 correct answers.

cheers!  rof

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Ed Pirog wrote:

>         This pretty much typifies the sign of the times. Cost is the
> predominant factor.
>         As a temporary storage facility the electronic medium is fantastic but
> it is far from permanent. Think of all the data that will be lost over
> time. The prime argument for publishing on paper is the very examples
> that have been mentioned. Those bulletins from over 100 years ago are
> still around and are useful references as they are. One of the first
> electronic data storage devices, data cards, present a difficulty to
> retrieve and we are only talking 50 years or so at most.
> Ed Pirog
> pirog at home.com

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