Andrew K. Rindsberg arindsberg at GSA.STATE.AL.US
Tue Aug 15 10:55:45 CDT 2000


Don't panic yet. Under the 3rd edition of the ICZN, an "incorrect original
spelling" can and must be corrected. The Code specifies several categories
of incorrect spellings. Among them are:

(1) Incorrect gender (for a species name).

(2) Evidence of an inadvertent error. An erratum sheet would be clear
evidence of such error.

(3) Use of two or more spellings of the same name in the original paper: The
first reviser is allowed to choose which is correct. (Some people favor
always choosing the first one mentioned, citing "page priority", but the
Code recommends using page priority only if all other factors are equal.)
Again, if you publish an erratum in the next issue, that will take care of
the problem.

Okay, now you can panic. The 4th edition of the Code is now in effect and I
don't have a copy at hand. Could someone please tell us if this analysis
still holds true?

Andrew K. Rindsberg
Geological Survey of Alabama

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