systematic of reptiles and amphibians

richard jovelin at CIMRS1.MNHN.FR
Tue Aug 1 17:40:47 CDT 2000

Dear all

I would like to requy  your help about the systematic position of the
following species:

Cuora amboinensis
Siebenrockiella crassicollis
Emydura krefftii
Chelodina longicollis

these are some species of amphibians  and reptiles,  I need to know
which order and familly they belong to, and if possible with the name of

the author of each systematic level, at least the author who described
the species

are there any specialists of those groups who could help me?

if possible, could you give me the reference that you would use to find
their systematic position?

thank you to reply to my mail adress, and not to the list
and thank you very very much for the help you could give me

Richard Jovelin

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