Allergenic plants (?) question

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     It may have been poison ivy.  I believe it was introduced into European
gardens long ago due to certain medicinal properties (treating rheumatism?).
  It probably isn't common in Europe, but I think it does occur there.
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>Subject: Allergenic plants (?) question
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 14:52:10 +0200
>Dear Taxacomers,
>Just a quick question:
>three weeks ago, a few hours after visiting Salvador Dali's grave and
>the garden of his wife's castle in Pubol, Catalunya, I discovered an
>erythematous rash on my left hand, very similar to the poison Ivy rash I
>got after collecting spiders in the woods in Illinois: four parallel
>lines of small, red blisters. Even now, three weeks later, it has not
>healed completely. This time too, I had been collecting spiders in
>cypress trees and bushes in the neighbourhood of Pubol and in Ullastret.
>Does anyone have an idea what might have caused this rash? I know that
>allergenic, urushiol containing Anacardiaceae occur in Korea, China,
>Australia and Japan, but I know of none in Europe.
>Could it be something else, like hairy caterpillars? There were some
>white, cotton-like tufts in the cypress trees, they were not spider
>Or might the grand master, as one of his many practical jokes, have
>planted some foreign allergenic plants in his garden?
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