TAXACOM Digest - 11 Aug 2000 to 12 Aug 2000 (#2000-197)

Rudi Schmid schmid at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Aug 12 22:38:38 CDT 2000

Regarding citation of websites (query of Piers Trehane), an article by M.
Grube & P. L. Nimis ("Mediterranean lichens on-line) in _Taxon_ 46: 487-493,
1997 (see esp. pp. 491-492) suggests this format:
        Author(s) or Institution. Year date [day/month URL accessed]. Title.
The article states (p. 491): "The accurate citation of a Web page must
therefore include the date at which it was accessed, in conformity with the
standards of...." (1994 and 1995 professional associations are cited).
    I think this format is slightly clearer:
        Author(s) or Institution. Year date. Title. URL (accessed
day-month-year date).

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