Fwd: Archival Inks and Inkjet Printers

Diana Horton diana-horton at UIOWA.EDU
Wed Aug 16 13:01:25 CDT 2000

Further to my previous posting (below), I am very interested in pursuing
the possibility of using a Lexmark inkjet with waterproof ink to produce
herbarium labels.  The one hesitation I have is, in checking out the
Lexmark Z52 inkjet printer, I noticed that the text on the sample provided
in the store is not as sharp as that produced by my HP laserjet.  Can
anyone tell me whether the sample (which was obviously designed to
highlight the colour capabilities of the printer) is indicative of one can
expect on herbarium labels, and it is simply a matter that inkjet print
just is not as sharp as laserjet?


Diana Horton
Herbarium and Biological Sciences
312 CB
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA  52242-1297

>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:24:27 -0500
>From: Diana Horton <diana-horton at uiowa.edu>
>Subject: Archival Inks and Inkjet Printers
>I have done some checking and have learned that *all* Lexmark black ink
>cartridges are waterproof.  However, they may be the only brand that has
>waterproof ink. Hewlett Packard told me that their black inks are not
>waterproof.  Another consideration is that Lexmark cartridges may run
>about $5 higher (either black or colour) than others.
>The Lexmark printer, model 5000, cited by Francois Genier has been
>discontinued, and there is now a "Z" series, with the Z52 the newest
>model.  The resolution on the latter is 2400 X 1200 dpi, and it prints 15
>pages/min. text and 7 colour.
>I have never felt comfortable to print herbarium labels with a laserjet,
>because of the question of longevity, and have kept an old spinwheel
>printer going instead.  However, I have to use an archaic label program
>with that and this information about the availability of waterproof ink
>tempts me to ditch the spinwheel and buy the Z52.  Has anyone had any
>experience with this printer?  Does anyone have any comments on the pros
>and cons of going with inkjet?
>Many thanks!
>Diana Horton
>Herbarium and Biological Sciences
>312 CB
>University of Iowa
>Iowa City, IA  52242-1297

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