Archival Inks and Inkjet Printers

W. Eugene Hall whall at UNLSERVE.UNL.EDU
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        Based on my own experience, laserjet printers appear to provide a
sharper image than inkjet printers. I have an inkjet printer in my office
but use the laserprinter in the collection room to make clean, acceptable
labels.  I think Wayne Maddison at the University of Arizona was looking
into archival inks for printers (if I'm mistaken, sorry Wayne!).


>Further to my previous posting (below), I am very interested in pursuing
>the possibility of using a Lexmark inkjet with waterproof ink to produce
>herbarium labels.  The one hesitation I have is, in checking out the
>Lexmark Z52 inkjet printer, I noticed that the text on the sample provided
>in the store is not as sharp as that produced by my HP laserjet.  Can
>anyone tell me whether the sample (which was obviously designed to
>highlight the colour capabilities of the printer) is indicative of one can
>expect on herbarium labels, and it is simply a matter that inkjet print
>just is not as sharp as laserjet?
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