Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Wed Aug 16 15:57:08 CDT 2000

We are trying to obtain a copy of an article by T. Makino that appeared in
the Journal of Japanese Botany 2(2). The specific page that we need is
page 8 (it is a nomenclatural matter), but we would prefer to have a copy
of the whole article. Unfortunately because the reference is nomenclatural
we do not know the title of the article or how long it is.  If it is very
long, then page 8 plus copies of the pages that would enable us to provide
a complete citation would be a great help.

Is there any Japanese herbarium that could help us out?  We tried going
through Interlibrary Loan but none of the libraries contacted were able to

Mary Barkworth and Kathleen Capels, Editors - Manual of Grasses for North

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