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Raamsdonk, Dr. Ir. L.W.D. van L.W.D.vanRaamsdonk at RIKILT.DLO.NL
Thu Aug 17 15:23:31 CDT 2000

Dear colleagues,

The study of evolution made a tremendous progress since the postulation of
the darwinian view on evolution. During the last decade several genetic
mechanisms are discovered or at least their impact on evolutionary change
was recognised, e.g. DNA-methylation, horizontal gene transfer and RNA
editing. The overwhelming amount of new data, additional mechanisms and the
development of analysing tools raises the desire to structure the approaches
and the results of evolutionary research.
On the edge of a new millennium I took the initiative to collect data on
some of these mechanisms. In order to make a necessary step forward in the
study of evolution and to give the more recently discovered mechanisms their
proper position, I have developed a concept of formal graphic modelling to
facilitate modern, progressive evolutionary research. This concept is
presented in a report with two main parts. The two parts of the report are
tightly linked, since the first part on some new developments delivers the
rationale for the second part that presents the model.
The report is meant to support a vigorous discussion on the future of
evolutionary studies and not as an official publication. I will therefore
present it via this electronic mailing list. If you are interested to obtain
a copy of the report, please send your address for surface mail to the
following E-mail address:

l.w.d.vanraamsdonk at rikilt.dlo.nl

I am looking forward to have many contacts about this topic.

Leo W.D. van Raamsdonk
the Netherlands

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