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Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Sun Aug 20 09:33:34 CDT 2000

We thank everyone who wrote to assist us in finding a copy of the Journal
of Japanese Botany 2(2). It turns out that there are more libraries than
we realized that have a copy, including several that participate in the
Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Program.  The problem was that we looked only
under the English version of the journal's name - many libraries list it
only under the Japanese name, presumably a transliteration.  (I admit that
Kathleen normally does all the bibliographic work for the Manual - hence
my vagueness on this point).

We have relied heavily, and very successfully, on the ILL program in the
past, and will continue to do so, for obtaining copies of articles that
are not otherwise available on campus.  It was because ILL is normally so
successful in obtaining what we need that I concluded that, despite the
title, J. Jap. Bot 2(2) was not well distributed and made the appeal to
TAXACOM. The response was great - and makes me realize once again how
lucky we are to have TAXACOM - thank you Peter and all others for
maintaining it.  And, if you are using the ILL program, remember that
libraries may list foreign journals differently from the listing in

We were also asked what Manual for Grasses for North America is all about.
There is a Web page, which I (MEB) really should update, at  I have not yet posted many
treatments, illustrations, or maps because I have become aware that, with
the kind of knowledge recent graduates take for granted, it could be done
much more easily than I have been doing.  I hope that substantially more
material will be up by then end of the year, and in a readily accessible
format, but my priority for the present funding is to get the text,
illustrations, and nomenclatural material finished. Until we have the
basic material in, worrying about Web accessibility is a distraction.  It
will come, but first things first -  finalize the treatments.

Mary Barkworth and Kathleen Capels

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