Converting Township Range Section data to lat/lon

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Mon Aug 21 20:01:23 CDT 2000

A number of people expressed interest during the BSA/ASPT meetings in
acquiring a copy of this program. It converts township-range section-data
to latitude/longitude data for locations in the western U.S.

It can be downloaded from the UTC Web site (
click on "Convert TRS to LAT/LON" in left column.  It is a DOS program
that contains all the instructions needed EXCEPT a map showing the
location of the various principal meridians.  I shall scan our copy and
make the portion that pertains to the western US available in a similar
fashion.  For those who do not have to deal with the TRS system, be glad.
The reason that the program is necessary is that, for many specimens
collected in the U.S., the most accurate locality data on a herbarium
label is the TRS data.  It provides location within a mile.


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