DDT- as a list problem and needed help

Prirodoslovni muzej Split primust at ST.TEL.HR
Tue Aug 22 10:20:58 CDT 2000

Dear list members,
I am Bože Kokan and I work in small Natural History Museum. 
I am member of this list too and I like to read even few lists. I don't read everything, but just what I like, so I don't have a lot of problems to read too much about pesticids. If you don't like it, just delete it and write what you like. Don't leave the list. Make them to leave their subject themselves. Many people need you and you may need them, too. I need a lot of your help now. 
Maybe you think that this message is not a to be a part of this list, too. If it is so I want to apologize. 
About needed help:
I wrote a similar message before, and I was not clear enough maybe, so I am repeting it in shorter way, now.
My problem:
I want to create an exhibition of insect photos or insect related photos for museum where I work. We don't have our exhibition place, momentaly and even don't have photo camera in our museum. I don't have it privately. I must to exhibit in photo galery of the city. 
I want to tell you that I don't have any one photo or insect material to exchange with you. It is forbiden for our curators to excange insects. If you send me your photos what  can I do for you?
1. We can create the exhibition together
2. I'll send to all of donators of insect photos a nice postcard with pictures of antique city where I leave
3. I'll informe you about the exhibition success
4. I'll put your data in exhibition catalogue
5. I'll think about your suggestions

I need a bigger size of photos to exhibit in photo gallery. 
If you don't have it, please send what you have, if it is interesting. 
All topics related to insects in your photos are wellcome, for I want to show the diversity of insect living forms and their ecology.
I need your data for every photo, for it will be the labels for museum exhibition. If I have more data, with your comments, I could make a short stories about it. 
I need your suggestions.
I need your addresses to thank you with postcard of antique Mediterranean town Split, where I live. It is touristic place with lot of beauties (historical and natural).

If you help me in this way I could create an exhibition, and my museum will have your collection of insect photos. 
Maybe you will like my postcards and maybe you will want to spend your vacations here. 
Thanks a lot!

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