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>At 07:47 AM 8/22/00, Robin Leech wrote:
>No.  To account for observed phenomena, a past and a future require a
>PRESENT in order to function.  There can be a past and a future ONLY IF
>there is a present.
>Unfortunately, I have only my memory to tell me that I wrote that in the
>present, but I do know that I am writing this in the present, thus it
>exists. :-) But this is more than semantics: causality, as normally
>understood, implies that one event (the cause) precedes another (the
>effect), so that a temporal sequence is implicit in all science. I hesitate
>to assert that any argument to the contrary is sophistry. :-)

Wow!  Far out, dudes!  Heavy!  This is, like, so totally awesome, man!  No
past without a present, but no present without a future.  It's
mind-bending!  Cosmic!  And, and, like, the earth just just be, like, an
electron and the sun could be, like, the nucleus in an atom in some giant's
fingernail, man!  Oh, wow, man ...

(Your sarcasm detectors should be going off now...)

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