John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Wed Aug 23 12:20:29 CDT 2000

In relation to my comments about there already being confusion about science
and evolution exploited by Creationists in the US I noticed reference to a
1999 NSF
survey concluding that while US Americans have a high confidence and interest
in science and technology, their understanding of basic scientific facts and
principles remains quite low. There was a poor understanding of some common
basic scientific terms including moleculres, Internet, and DNA. Only 21% were
able to explain what it means to study something scientifically. Its this
latter point
that relates to my inference that this is really a critical problem behind the
evolution/creation issue in the US (other political and religeous
considerations aside).
The trouble with such reports is the lack of comparison with other countries.

John Grehan

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