Religious bigotry, was Re: SCIENCE CONFUSION IN THE US.

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Wed Aug 23 19:45:21 CDT 2000

At 06:44 PM 8/23/00, Jones, Brian Dr wrote:
Look at the growth of "new age" magic, aromatheropy, crystal gazing and
soothsaying in popular magazines, on TV, movies  (Buffy; vampires,
witchcraft)(all of which is not "new"!).  These are appealing to "educated"
middle class western culture and finding a ready market.  It pays well, and
all these people vote.  In that environment what chance has "science"?  It
has no more - or less credibility than all the other belief systems.

Despite the confusions of both the creationists and Dr. Jones, science and
religion are separate ways of knowing, and they are ways of knowing
*different things*. Each loses credibility only when it attempts to answer
the questions of the other. Pop religion can be as "fluffy" as pop science,
but I would suggest that contributors to Taxacom leave their religious
bigotry at home.

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