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Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Thu Aug 24 08:04:41 CDT 2000

The following advertisement is posted at Paul Peterson's request:

There are two positions open immediately at CONC (Universidad de
Concepción, Departamento de Botánica, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y
Oceanográficas, Casilla 160-C, Concepción, Chile;
( ).  Each is for 3 years
funded by the World Bank.  The first one is a post-doc to run a new
molecular lab that they are setting up and have already acquired two
sequencers and other laboratory equipment.  This person will work on
various phylogenetic projects involving the plants from Chile and other
South American countries.  Dr. Oscar Matthei (omatthei at is the
contact person and he is an expert on grasses and weedy plants of Chile.
Dr. Matthei thinks that a molecular study of the current genera of
Stipoideae in South America might shed some light on the confusion that
surrounds their use.  Therefore, he would like to hire a molecular
agrostologist or at least a monocot person with good training in molecular
techniques.  Pay is $1200. per month; which is very good for Chile.

The second position is for a student who would like to pursue a Ph.D. at
the Universidad de Concepción.  Again, Dr. Matthei would prefer to hire an
agrostologist.  They need not speak Spanish but must be willing to learn a
new language (this also applies to the post-doc).  Also, it would be
better if the candidate had a Masters since the funding is only for 3
years.  Pay is $800. per month.

Contact:  Dr. Oscar Matthei
Departamento de Botánica
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas
Universidad de Concepción
Casilla 160-C, Concepción, Chile
Fono: (56-41)204418; fax: (56-41)246005 
e-mail: omatthei at 

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