The Overlapping Threads on Creationism, etc.

jeffrey shaw lccshaw at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 25 04:16:47 CDT 2000

James Bass wrote:

>It is a profound loss that the creationists have not had the opportunity to
>follow the various overlapping threads preceding and including:
>"SCIENCE CONFUSION IN THE US", "Confusion in Science & Cladistics",
>"SCIENCE CONFUSION IN THE US- revisited", and "Religious bigotry,
>I'm sure that the explosive light of clarity would have been for them a
>epiphany and there would no longer be a problem of having to deal with
>the creationists due to their failure to understand 'science'.      :-)

Actually, some of are quite involved with science. While my professional
pursuit is chemical engineering, I have been a member of the taxonomy
listserve for years, as memorization of local flora is a hobby of mine.
I have found that it is not only possible, but essential to a rational mind
to understand the scientific method. It infuriates me that many
narrow-minded scientists consistently refer to creationists as "sophists"
and other such demeaning terms. Organisms change over time, they "evolve,"
and this is FACT. How it all began is a matter of faith, whether that faith
is supported by one's religious beliefs or upon unprovable human hypothesis
creates spurious division where it need not exist. Extrapolations blur the
further they're taken, and differing views on the First Cause are
It is unfortunate that teaching curricula is altered by those who do not
have a scientific education--it is equally unfortunate that many parents
homeschool their children to avoid the conflict. Both extremes do a
disservice to youth.
Students are taught what teachers teach. When this directly impacts an area
where a student has very strong, differing opinions on a topic, the
professor only gains alienation by assaulting a paradigm that can not be
There is a hypothesis presently circulating in the sociological sciences
that basically says both sides will never agree because of the
preconceptions put on the material presented. A creationist will "stuff"
information into a preconceived paradigm, as will a secular scientist.

Jeff Shaw
Human Being

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