The Overlapping Threads on Creationism, etc.

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Sun Aug 27 09:57:21 CDT 2000

At 08:14 AM 8/27/00, Richard Zander wrote:
 >We can dismiss
 >accusations that some non-immediate "reality" is also a metaphysical
 >postulate by subscribing to "critical realism," which is a philosophical
 >stance in which immediate things around you are "really real" in that you
 >can deal with them with confidence. Things farther away in time and space
 >are "less real," and a probabilistic attitude (or
psychological >expectation)
 >is necessary when dealing with such concepts.

I'm not sure exactly what you are saying here, but I think you have
relegated phylogenetic systematics, especially of the parsimony variety, to
the "mysticism" zone. Or was that the intent? :-)

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