PSC in Colubrids

Byron J. Adams bjadams at UFL.EDU
Mon Aug 28 08:57:18 CDT 2000

on 8/25/00 8:34 PM, Dr. Neil Snow at nsnow at BENTLEY.UNCO.EDU wrote:

> A colleague here has requested assistance regarding recent literature on
> species concepts in snakes, especially regarding the phylogenetic
> species concept.  Any leads?  Thanks in advance.
> NS

Hi Neil -

Your friend will want to read Frost and Hillis' herpetological treatment:

Frost, D. R., and D. M. Hillis.  1990.  Species in concept and practice:
Herpetological applications.  Herpetologica 46:87-104.

For recent work of the PSC see:

Wheeler, Q. D.  1999.  Why the phylogenetic species concept? -Elementary.
Journal of Nematology 31:134-141.

"Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory", edited by Quentin Wheeler and
Rudolf Meier.

I have a recent paper in which I advocate an amalgamation of the PSC and
ESC.  The idea is to use the discovery operations of the PSC to find the
entities defined by the ESC.

Adams, B. J.  Species concepts and the evolutionary paradigm in modern
nematology.  Journal of Nematology 30:1-21.

If not helpful for snakes, it's great for insomnia.



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