John Grehan jrg13 at PSU.EDU
Mon Aug 28 14:59:13 CDT 2000

>The one time I got suckered into a creationist/evolutionist debate (I was
>young and foolish),

>Thomas G. Lammers, Ph.D.

I would agree with the sentiment here in that reducing the issue to debate
is to
obscure the issue itself. With "debate" the dialogue is about convincing an
audience based on the ability to present a sufficiently "convincing" rhetoric.
If feel that much of the way evolution is taught and presented is a form
of rhetoric that contributes to the debate mentality at the expense of
evolution as a scientific research program with certain methodological
that lead to the discovery of new facts.

(But I liked the rhetoric Lammers presented)

John Grehan

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