New Southern African Tortoise Book

Lynn Raw avocet at DBN.LIA.NET
Thu Aug 31 09:40:09 CDT 2000

 "The South African Tortoise Book" by Richard Boycott and Ortwin Bourquin
 been completely revised and extended to cover the whole of southern Africa.
 The book now includes 5 additional species, an extensive list of
 an expanded glossary, a table of tribal names, maps and tables giving
 or written localities of all places mentioned in the text,  explanations of
 scientific names, the conservation status of each species and more.

 Printing will take place soon and the authors are enquiring about the
 possible demand from Europe, North America and elsewhere so as to ensure
 that sufficient copies are printed. The first edition sold out very quickly
 (I know, I missed out on getting a copy for myself) so they want to avoid
 the same problem.

 Anyone who would like to buy a copy or to buy copies for onward
 (say to local clubs and associations or whatever) is asked to contact me
 directly on lynn.raw at so that I can pass on the information.

 Unfortunately I have no idea of the likely cost as yet but I expect that it
 will be fairly reasonable.

 My apologies for any cross-posting.

 Lynn Raw

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