Help with Araecerus

"José P. S. Novo" jpsnovo at CEC.IAC.BR
Sat Dec 2 16:58:42 CST 2000

Dear All:

The coffee bean weevil is listed in most of the literature that I have seen
as Araecerus fasciculatus (Degeer, 1775). In E.C. Zimmerman, 1994,
Australian Weevils, Volume I, Anthribidae to Attelabidae, it appears as A.
coffeae (Fabricius, 1801). Can anyone tell me which is correct?

Many thanks in advance


Jose Polese Soares Novo
IAC - Instituto Agronomico - Entomologia
C.Postal 28 - 13001-970 Campinas, SP - Brasil
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