South African and Namibian Place Names

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For botanical material, this has been done.  The data is stored in a
computer system at the National Herbarium (PRE), Botanical Research
Institute, Pretoria, South Africa.  The name of the system is PRECIS, and
it is described in the following articles:
  Gibbs Russell, G.E. 1985. PRECIS: The National Herbarium's
    computerised information system. S. African J. Sci. 81(2): 62-65.
  Morris, J.W., and H.F. Glen. 1978. PRECIS, the National Herbarium of
    South Africa (PRE) computerized information system. Taxon 27(5/6):
Unfortunately, the data is not accessable over the Internet.  You can
purchase the data from the National Herbarium, but only for your own use.

An extremely good reference for botanical collectors and their itineries
in Southern Africa is:
  Gunn, M. and L.E. Codd. 1981. Botanical exploration of southern
    Africa. Cape Town: A.A. Balkema.

I have used both of the above, and they are very accurate.

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On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, Phil Bunch wrote:

> I'm working on a project to catalog place names for collections from the
> Republic of South Africa and Namibia.  Many of these represent farms, old mines
> and other obscure sites not found on maps I have seen to date.   A substantial
> number of these appear to be held in human memory and there is a concern that
> they will be lost as time passes.  Lat/longs are desirable but when not
> available verbal descriptions are useful.
> Phil Bunch

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