ethanol tank seals

Gabriel A. Eickhoff eickhoff at UMICH.EDU
Tue Dec 5 21:37:51 CST 2000

  Send your question/concern to Doug Nelson at the University of Michigan
(dwnelson at He is the Fish Collection Manager at Michigan's
Museum of Zoology. It's the second largest collection of fish in the world,
a Doug is the nicest of blokes. Michigan's collection operates with glass
jars w/ rubber (not the standard rubber) seals, and large metal tanks w/
rubber seals for larger fish. As far as I know jars are surely one of the
best ways of preserving fish, its the quality of the rubber seal that you
get which matters most.

-Gabe Eickhoff
The University of Michigan, USA / The University of Melbourne, AU

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