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Riaan Stals ?? VREHRS at PLANT5.AGRIC.ZA
Wed Dec 6 09:01:17 CST 2000

> The coffee bean weevil is listed in most of the literature that I have
> seen as Araecerus fasciculatus (Degeer, 1775). In E.C. Zimmerman,
> 1994, Australian Weevils, Volume I, Anthribidae to Attelabidae, it
> appears as A. coffeae (Fabricius, 1801). Can anyone tell me which is
> correct?

Zimmerman's 1994 interpretation is correct. A. fasciculatus
auctorum (nec DeGeer, 1775!) is based on a misidentification. This
nomenclatorial mixup was already noticed by Holloway (1982)
[Fauna of New Zealand Number 3: Anthribidae], who erroneously
interpreted the Fabricius name as a junior synonym of the DeGeer
name. R. Frieser (in litt.) already employed the name A. coffeae
(F.) in 1987, 1989 and 1992.

Zimmerman's (1994) nomenclatorial correction (restoring the
Fabricius name) certainly caused instability in the nomenclature.
There has, however, been no application (of which I am aware) to
the ICZN to suppress the Fabricius name, and I am not certain
whether there are "legal" grounds for doing so.

I have, however, experienced resistance from "applied"
entomologists in South Africa to use the name A. coffeae (F.),
since the name A. fasciculatus (DeGeer) is entrenched in the
"applied" literature. Since the name A. fasciculatus (DeGeer) had
been published so many times before Zimmerman (1994), I advise
my "applied" collegues to use the name A. coffeae (F.), but to add
to it something like "previously known as A. fasciculatus".

Greetings from Africa, where the coffee bean weevil has decided to
munch on our citrus.



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