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On 6 Dec 2000,  Ken Kinman wrote:

> Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't fasciculatus Degeer, 1775 the
> designated type species of Araecerus.

The type species of Araecerus, by original designation, is *coffeae*
Fabricius. Confirmed by both Zimmerman (1994) and Alonso-
Zarazaga & Lyal (1999).

>  If so, how did Zimmerman justify continued use of the generic
> name Araecerus for the coffee bean weevil?

This has *never* been in dispute.

> If coffeae and fasciculatus are closely related that should
> present no problem for genus Araecerus.

These animals are the same species. But the names are

> However, if I had to deal with this genus, I'd be sure to ascertain
> whether Zimmerman is applying a phylogenetic species concept
> or not, especially if these species are allopatric.

No question of allopatry here. Rather difficult to tell which species
concept Zimmerman adheres to.

>  If so, it could be just a matter of opinion whether the 1982
synonymy of these forms was correct or not.

Agreed. But that is what we have taxonomists for. Especially of
Zimmerman's ilk.




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