The traffic and the listserver...

EJPirog pirog at HOME.COM
Thu Dec 7 15:28:54 CST 2000

I don't know about the in academic community but in the general special
intrest net groups the novelty seems to have worn off. Also, once a topic
has been discussed it becomes old news and goes into the 'here we go again'
file. Lastly, there is always the holiday slowdown where people who
celabrate the holidays in December have better things to do then plant
themselves in front of this stupid tube unnecessarily.
E Pirog
(who, has wondered this himself...)(and in the process has realized he needs
to get a life...)(off of this damned computer...)
You all have a good Holidays.

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From: "Vr. Richard Bejsak-Collorado-Mansfeld" <ricardo at ANS.COM.AU>
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 2:09 PM
Subject: The traffic and the listserver...

> Dear colleagues,
> It is interesting how our listserver change...
> Only few members are active but most of us are passive listeners. But when
> you look on statistic the traffic get down.
> When I have sent question to taxacom or entomo-l over an year ago I have
> received often more than three replies / answers and now I get hardly
> Some listservers like a "buprestidae listserver" or "elin" entomological
> library listserver are hibernating dead or hibernating.
> Do we are really so busy that we are not able to cooperate? Or we loosing
> something, some friendliness, sense for help..?
> Regards
> Ricardo

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