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Janeway, Lawrence LJaneway at CSUCHICO.EDU
Fri Dec 8 16:16:23 CST 2000

The herbarium at California State University, Chico (CHSC) is in the process
of databasing its collections (using a Microsoft Access database borrowed
from the herbarium at University of California, Davis).  We are looking into
how to make this database available and searchable via the web.  What
software are other databasing efforts using to create the web pages to do
this?  Microsoft FrontPage is apparently not an option for us since the
campus web site administrators won't install the FrontPage extensions on the
server.  They also don't have and don't want the ASP language on the server,
but are currently looking into installing the JSP language.  It seems that
Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 might be the software for us to use, and I think we
can get a significant discount buying it from the campus bookstore.  Has
anyone been using this?  Is is use-able by beginning web designers?  Any
other suggestions?  Any help will be most appreciated.


Lawrence Janeway, Curator
Biological Sciences Herbarium (CHSC)
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0515
(530) 898-5381
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