Scorpion Species

Mark Newton urodacus at LORDS.COM
Sun Dec 10 11:49:56 CST 2000

Hi Folks...

Hoped you wouldn't mind if I ask another dumb question.

This is with respect to scorpions.

Imagine 2 species which are very nearly the same morphologically and
ecologically fill closely the same niche. It is discovered that these
species actually have a sympatric range where the 2 populations readily
interbreed and produce viable offspring that are forms of either the parent
popn's withour intermediates.

My question is what is the most likely way to deal with this situation.

Would they remain as separate ecological species or would they be best
described as subspecies of the same biological  species?
Also I'm wondering what if any genetic mechanism  may give rise to offspring
being the same forms as parents without intermediate forms?

Interested to know what peoples opinions may be on this.

Mark Newton

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