Scorpion species

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 11 11:50:14 CST 2000

     From what little I found on these species on the Internet, you will
have consider Hadrurus obscurus as well (since spadix shares the
trichobothrial patterns of obscurus----I didn't find any information about
the keel differences).  Whether H. obscurus geographically overlaps either
of the other two is an important factor.
     I would be interested to see if the uncommon specimens with
intermediate numbers of trichobothria on the chelal palm (4 internal and/or
16-17 ventral) tend to be clustered in any particular areas---especially if
such areas were "geographically" intermediate.  Could we be so lucky as to
find such a pattern?
                     ---------Ken Kinman
>From: Mark Newton <urodacus at LORDS.COM>
>Reply-To: Mark Newton <urodacus at LORDS.COM>
>Subject: Scorpion species
>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 08:49:38 +1030
>The differences between the 2 species are minimal. I am talking about
>Hadrurus arizonensis and Hadrurus spadix.
>The main obvious difference is a difference in colour pattern. The more
>subtle differences are mainly location and number of trichobothria and some
>keel differences.
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