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Extant plants: C.W.Dodge (1972) published a book on the lichens of
Antarctica and adjacent islands.  Taxonomically, it is way off the mark.
The lichen flora is currently being compiled in a work to be published by
CUP in 2001.  However, I do not expect that this will be the definitive list.
There remain collections unstudied and many areas either not or
insufficiently collected.  Also, additional species and new synonymies are
being regularly published.

Bryophytes: Ochyra et al have a treatise to be published by CUP in
2001.  This may be somewhat better that the lichen list (as there are far
fewer species) but, again, collections remain unstudied and many areas
not or insufficiently collected.

Non-marine algae: Prescott, in the 1960's I think (for memory) published
a volume on the algae recorded from Antrarctica.  There have been a
number of papers in various journals since then.

Fungi: Just about every area for which there is a published account has
a different suite of taxa.

Fossils: There are several major works on Antarctic Geology which
include a plethora of relevant papers.

Vascular plants: At least for extant material - there are only two
indigenous species on continental Antarctica and a few more introduced
taxa (which may or may not have survived where they have been found.

Rod Seppelt
Prof. Rod Seppelt
(ABLO), Herbarium
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB
Prof. Rod Seppelt
(ABLO), Herbarium
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB

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