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Mon Dec 18 07:57:00 CST 2000

I use Metacrawler ( quite a bit and have found it
useful.  I typically couple it with an identical search on, which gives me hits on more recent additions to the
Web that metacrawler might miss.

Michael Gates
Systematic Entomology Lab., PSI
Agricultural Research Service
US Department of Agriculture
National Museum Natural History
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Washington D.C. 20560-0168
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>>> Elizabeth Abajian <AbajiaE at LABS.WYETH.COM> - 12/18/00 7:38 AM >>>
The metasearchengine Copernic ( has also proven to be
quite useful.  I can recommend trying it.


>>> "Vr. Richard Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld" <ricardo at ANS.COM.AU> 12/15 9:54
PM >>>
I am using as a searchengine I feel that is one of the
Today I discovered that there is available very interesting feature,
tool bar available on

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