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Roger J. Burkhalter rjb at OU.EDU
Mon Dec 18 09:06:52 CST 2000

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000 21:19:11 -0500, Tom <wieboldt at VT.EDU> wrote:

>    Can anyone update me on laser printed specimen labels? It used to be that we were all warned not to use laser printers for specimen labels because they were not archival. This didn't have so much to do with the inks as with the fact that the type could rub off rather easily. I presume there are permanent inks available, but has the other problem been resolved? Thanks. Tom  ( wieboldt at )


We use laser printed lables, printed on pH neutral paper and slipped in a
poly 'zip-lock' type bag. The print does not rub off when treated this way.
Old lables also get put into a separate 'zip-lock' to help preserve them.

Hope this helps.

Roger J. Burkhalter
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