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Dear colleagues
first in some cases I have to apologise for crossposting...

Free Online Language Translation Available Now
on section <Other useful things>

Do you need a document translated right away? You can do it instantly and
free* of charge by using the automated foreign-language translation services
provided by Office eServices and Lernout & Hauspie. Just paste your text
(which must contain 5,120 characters or fewer) onto the translation Web
page, choose a language and topic vocabulary, and click the Translate
button. Within seconds, your text is translated into the language you

>From and to English and French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and

French to English, Italian and German

German to English and French

Italian to English French and Spanish

Japanese to English etc.

In the same section is locality search. and more. Please check new section
Frequently ask questions / FAq

Keep care and be of good cheer.


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